NASA Spec3 Roadracing

The NASA Spec3 (S3) racing class is devoted to BMW E36 325 models. The goal for Spec 3 is to create high levels of competition between similarly prepared cars at a reasonable cost. Purchase and preparation of a car for these series should be less than $15,000. A Spec3 is great for HPDE and Time Trial duty while being built.


Spec3 is similar to Spec E30 but for the newer chassis. With limited engine and suspension modifications allowed, Spec3 ensures close racing, while not breaking the bank due to a plentiful supply of low cost street vehicles to convert. A spec Toyo tire and suspension package take the guess work out of building a competitive car and the series platform has proven to be as reliable on track as any existing class. We are looking forward to another great season of Spec3 roadracing. Thanks for your support and see you at the track!